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I run my own online business and understand the pressures and time constraints you’re under


I run courses and teach you the tools to understand and have confidence in SEO


No scary jargon, just what SEO means and can do for your business


I help your online business be more profitable

Catapulting eCommerce Businesses into High Growth since 2013

Based in Hove, UK, I have helped small companies all over Europe better understand their online business and helped them grow.

A deep understanding of Search Engine Optimisation, Google Paid advertising, Social Paid and affiliate marketing has enabled me to reduce wasted spend and make small companies more profitable.

Finding avenues for growth can be difficult. It’s important to have a full understanding of both your customer, your business as well as the competition. Forming a strategy is a vital part in future proofing your business to make it grow and resist competition.

So why hire me? Your business is new to me, letting me see you from a customer point of view, and gain a better understanding of both you and your competitors far better than you may be able to achieve internally.

Most importantly though, having managed small eCommerce operations myself, I know the importance of non-digital tasks to a successfully run eCommerce business. A tidy and organised stock room is as important to your success as a well balanced PPC budget. Using the right sized labels on parcels just under that medium parcel limit has it’s own satisfaction, as well as saving money. I can suggest software and processes to save you hours per week in mundane tasks, letting you focus on the more interesting stuff!

My cross-discipline understanding can be lacking from agencies and digital-only services.

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Hove, UK




How I Can Help

My clients tell me I help them save time, help them be more profitable and give them peace of mind about their digital operation. Here it is in a bit more detail…


Whether you’re looking for help launching your new Shopify store, building your SEO or need planning around your customer acquisition strategy, I’m here to help understand your aims and form them into simple, easy to understand actions.


Organic search is a constantly evolving and shifting world that can seem daunting and dominated by the big players. While technical implication can be difficult, many of the influencing factors can be simply understood and followed by small businesses without the need of complicated and expensive tools.

Marketing and Acquisition

Finding new customers at scale takes effective experimentation and accurate understanding of your audiences. I can help you run low cost campaigns to test and identify areas of high growth.


Understanding your competitors and where you sit in the marketplace is vital to survival and growth. A complete internal and external audit on your business an will give you confidence to move forward and be aware of threats and opportunities.

PPC & Paid Social

Pay Per Click can be one of the biggest monthly costs for any eCommerce business. Understanding more about what is working, what isn’t working and where opportunities lie can be a quick way to experiment and gain new customers. Identifying wasted speed to free up budget for growth is also vital.


The startup and small business eCommerce market is a new and fierce frontier that requires careful planning and market understanding. Failure to understand what you are up against at a strategic level can result in tough sales and slow or no growth.


eCommerce continues to grow year on year with more people shopping online both in the UK, as well as Europe. I’m here to help you get your business in position to take advantage of that, and grow profitably.

Conversion rate & UX

Getting plenty of people to your website but not enough buying? There are plenty of tools and methods to help understand your potential customers better, and make them convert more. And no, they’re not always expensive!


Having managed small businesses and worn many hats, I understand how everything connects together and that marketing is just one part of a bigger picture. With hands on experience of working and running small businesses, I can help beyond just your online business and optimise your offline one too.



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Working with Adam was fantastic. He is super clever, really can do, and a lovely chap too. If you need help making your proposition stand out online, then you need to hire him today.
— Patrick - Outrageous Impact
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