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Understanding the opportunities available to you is vital before you invest in SEO. With my free audit I’ll highlight any easy to fix errors, give suggestions on what you need to look into and give advice on any opportunities you may be missing.

I’ve grown eCommerce companies through the power of good SEO for 8+ years now and can quickly tell what might be holding you back. You’ve got nothing to lose - discover your potential today!


 Keyword Opportunities

You’ve got a great product but not enough people are finding you in search. Why is this?

I’ll take a look into the common keywords people are using to find you and tell you how best to change your site, or why your competitors are beating you (and what you can do to beat them!)

You’ll also learn about what low difficulty keywords you can take advantage of and gain large amounts of traffic easily.

Technical Issues

Are there technical issues blighting your site and holding you back? Simple issues such as broken pages, poorly optimised image alt text or site navigation errors can cause major disruption.