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Marketing with Search

Make the biggest SEO impact for the lowest cost

 Getting your eCommerce store found via Google Search in non-ads is one of the most cost effective ways to acquire new customers. SEO is not a maintenance task, it should be invested in just like you would any other marketing channel - and held equally as accountable. Done right, you’ll see the rewards of increased traffic and revenues.

But the way people search is always changing, and keeping ahead of the competition can be tough. You need to be present at all parts of the marketing funnel Awareness, Consideration and Decision stages and maintaining top spots involves a lot of moving parts.

Get it right and it will unlock traffic volume and revenue like no other marketing channel. To do this, you need to be strategic and make sure your website is working as it should. That’s where I come in.

I provide clear, easy to understand and jargon free advice for all members of your business.

Risk Free eCommerce SEO

If you’re looking to grow but don’t have the budget, I am able to worth with you on a commission-only basis where I only get paid based on increasing your revenue.

You get the benefits of more traffic and sales and SEO up front, without having to pay lump sums with the risk of no pay off. I only get paid when I’ve made a measurable difference and successfully implemented SEO benefits to your eCommerce store.

This method has been successful for several clients who are in a position to grow but strapped for cash.

If you’re in a position of growth and need SEO to take you to the next level with no upfront costs, contact me.

Technical ecommerce SEO AUDIT

Making sure your website is set up working well with 301s, no 404s, Canonicals, Category structure and internal site linking, image discoverability and all of the other necessary tweaks and optimisations is an ongoing task.

Whether you need a site audit or regular support - I’m here to work with you, your developers and make sure that Google can find your site correctly.

KEYWORD Research

The most important part of any Commerce companies’ SEO strategy is keyword research.

Understanding what people search, how many people search and the difficulty to rank for these is the #1 step to increasing traffic. Without it, many companies waste time and money investing in areas that simply won’t yield the results they want or need.

Being creative and digging deep can find some real gold that isn’t always obvious but may be easier to rank for than you think. Pick your battles - and win!

Content Marketing

Meeting your customers at every point of their purchase journey isn’t easy, but it is important and effective. Content marketing is vital to boosting brand awareness as well as having long term SEO benefits too.

Whether it’s working along side your existing marketing teams, or providing training and guidance on writing content yourself, I’ve found content marketing one of the most rewarding investments of time for eCommerce Businesses.

Image SEO

Get your images working for you to generate traffic and appear for even competitive terms.

Site Migrations

Moving to a new platform is one of the most exciting and stressful things you will ever do. There’s so much that could go wrong, and making sure you are fully prepared for it is essential to not lose traffic and revenue.

Get me involved as early as possible, please! This gives us the most time to make sure everything is in place correctly to minimise sales disruption.

A site migration can be very expensive if it goes wrong - make sure that it doesn’t!

Shopify SEO

While SEO is universal, Shopify has some pretty nifty features and apps that make ticking off the SEO checklist easy and simple. Get in touch today and I can provide either training or monthly management of your store.