eCommerce Growth


My CV…

Urban Ebikes

I’m currently building my own eCommerce store with a co-founder, managing the product research and listing, market research, SEO, PPC and everything else related to growing a successful eCommerce business.


Through careful crafting of a considerable monthly PPC budget across both Shopping and Search, I was able to secure reliable growth. Also managing a large product catalogue of over 15,000 products brought its own challenges, especially how best to handle this in Google Merchant Center.

Creating user profiles based on data and surveys helped the whole marketing team focus their efforts and refine each channel to be more effective and manageable with tangible results. Effective use of CRO and UX tools also helped the team better understand their customers, and why potential customers were not buying.

Modern Toss

Modern Toss required a whole site migration to Shopify, away from a slightly dated CMS that was holding back their growth. Moving over to a new site design with better functionality instantly saw results in their conversion rates, and

I was brought in by Stakrak Limited, who were partnering with a German company, WAFA, to launch a new product range into the UK marketplace. An extremely competitive industry, a deep audit into both the website as well as the competitive landscape (SWOT analysis) was required.

Walther Faltsysteme

I ran my own Etsy store, selling cufflinks based on popular culture imagery. This was my first exposure to eCommerce, amounting to over 700 sales. It was my first lesson in keeping an eye on the competition.


Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving
— Terry Pratchett