eCommerce Growth

14,000 Word eCommerce Guide

How To Avoid Mistakes & Succeed


I’ve worked with eCommerce companies and entrepreneurs for 5 years and seen them grow - and fail.

I know what difficulties they face, what goes into the day to day running and the practical knowledge necessary to succeed.

That’s why I’ve written this 14,000 word guide of everything I know. From fulfilment to SEO to choosing a platform, everything you need is here.

This is not a get rich quick guide. It’s a guide to building a successful online business that will last.

This comprehensive series has taken me several months to build - over 10 days of editing, writing and crafting. All I ask from you is for your email address.



Dropshipping is perhaps the most hyped eCommerce trend of the past few years. But all that is gold does not glitter.

Dropshipping has it’s own traps and weaknesses as a business model, which I explore and explain why building a brand is often a better route to take.

Section 1 - finding a product or niche

Before we consider starting a website - we need to know what to sell. How do you define a product with little competition and high demand? What free tools are available to you?

This section is critical - a bad start can fail the entire project. Make sure you get this part right!

Section 2 - sourcing products

Now you know what to sell, where do you get it from?

I discuss the benefits and opportunities between sourcing locally and internationally, and difficulties each holds.

Section 3 - choosing a platform - building the website

So, we’re finally ready to look at building the website. But which platform do you choose? Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Magento…and more. I talk through the good and bad of each platform, and the use cases for each depending on your company size.

section 4 - growing your business - marketing

To any new eCommerce store, getting the first sale is everything. With so many marketing channels out there, which is right for you?

Again I compare the benefits, negatives and opportunities with many channels such as affiliate marketing, SEO, email, PPC and more. I also discuss which tools are free to help you get started without wasting money.

Running and maintaining a website

Now that you’ve launched and are getting orders in, keeping on top of everything can be overwhelming. We take a look at the basic structures you can get in place to make day to day life a lot easier and more profitable.

going multichannel

Take your business to the next level by exploring the options of going multi or omnichannel. Amazon and eBay offer huge opportunities but can also be equally huge time and money sinks without any return.Make sure you know what you are getting into!