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The Website

I was brought in with a client dealing in a high value, low conversion rate product. My role was to be involved as an eCommerce consultant in all areas to help both traffic and company growth.

This included being responsible for the whole of the website property, issuing a redesign, consulting on rebranding, finding product and market opportunities as well as taking over all PPC and SEO activity.

The Goal

The store was beginning from quite a low position of traffic. Most traffic was coming through PPC activity combining with brand awareness to drive most of the sales.

The goal was to increase this traffic naturally, but focusing on building monthly revenues to a stable amount.

What I did

With average conversion path lengths being three months or more, it was vital to provide adequate on site content to build trust with potential customers, and authority and leadership on the topic as a whole to outperform competitors. By being “best in SERP” rankings have continued to climb with minimal backlinking activity.


The constant investment in SEO on-site technical changes and content marketing has resulted in the store now being the leading authority in the space, present in top 3 positions for all aspects of the purchase cycle. Comparing 6 months on, organic traffic has increased 1005%, and monthly transactions increase of 150% . While this may seem disproportional at first, the high AOV value and long purchase path means we expect to see the number and value of sales increase month on month, though conversion rate may actually be lower.


Focusing on low cost keywords and creating a more complete set of campaign types, especially the careful construction and optimisation of a Google Shopping campaign has allowed PPC to be a profitable driver of leads and customers. On-site metrics improved for all paid campaigns.

Monthly spend has remained similar but refinement has resulted in a 20% click increase, 53% increase in Impression Share and the campaigns now delivering sales. Over this time frame average CPCs remained extremely low thanks to keyword research and focusing on competing only in niche sectors rather than those with high competition - taking a bigger slice of a small pie, rather than vice versa.

Google Shopping remains an incredibly powerful tool, but one that must be used carefully!

On Site Metrics

The site redesigned helped massively, with average session time, bounce rate and pages per session all improving. The number of direct visitors has increased 325%. Managing a slight redesign and focusing on answering common questions on the product page has reduced support queries and driven time on site. Bounce rate decreased by 15%, and the average session duration increased 80%, with pages per session also increasing by 14%. Users are coming back more too, with 21% increase in sessions per use.


Revenues continue to climb each month, along with conversion rate as trust in the brand and website builds. The role of SEO has increased the “Consideration” and “Awareness” funnels considerably - it is now a case of waiting for this to filter through to “decision”, again due to long purchase paths.

What Happened

All figures shown are compared over a 6 month time period.