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Does the phrase "SEO" terrify you? Feel lost and overwhelmed with the information available to you?

Let's sit down and have a 30 minute chat to put your mind at ease.

Find out some SEO basics and common quick wins for your website, no matter your size or industry. We can discuss your problems, and you can ask me any questions you may have about SEO - big or small!

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I’ve helped small businesses and passionate individuals across Brighton and Hove understand their SEO opportunities and find growth.

Work For You

I can work directly for you, taking control of your SEO in a “Forget about it” style. Monthly reporting and clear plans of action (jargon free) mean you have transparency on what work I’m doing, but you can rest assured that your SEO is in hand without having to worry.

Work Together

Unlike most consultants, I’m eager for you to learn about SEO and make sure you have the tools and understanding to take action yourself. I will provide guidance and strategy while teaching you the skills to make changes and manage SEO yourself which can be far more cost effective when you’re starting out.

Keyword & Content Strategy

To succeed online you need to understand your customers and how they act, and what words they use to search. The differences can be surprising.

For example, two similar phrases can have huge differences:

  • “best hoover“ - 8,100 Monthly Searches

  • “best vacuum cleaner“ - 14,800 Monthly Searches

  • “Which vacuum cleaner is the best to buy“ - 880 Monthly Searches

Performing keyword researching and using it to build your content strategy will help you gain traffic and focus on making changes that will have a real difference.

Understanding the volumes as well as the difficulty to rank for certain terms will let you prioritise and align SEO with your business goals.

I identify & prioritise opportunities, niches and gaps in the market for your brand to take advantage of for the best ROI.

Website Migrations

Moving to a new website system is one of the biggest, most stressful things you can do as an online business owner.

A poorly managed migration can cost you tens of thousands in lost revenue and lost hours putting things right.

Executing a website migration is all about the planning. The sooner you start planning, the smoother it will go and the less “wobble” you will see in your SEO / Organic traffic.

I prepare and help manage your migration, working with your team to ensure every aspect has been handled.

On Site Optimisation & Audits

Unsure why all of your hard work isn’t translating into improvements in SERP rankings?

Identifying technical issues and weaknesses in your website is vital to your success, as there may be some basic errors that are preventing growth.

I will analyse and audit your website to find critical errors and advise on adjustments required in an easy to understand format.

eCommerce SEO Audit

Growing your eCommerce website through SEO is the most cost effective option available. eCommerce sites are entirely different beasts to most websites, often with hundreds if not thousands of pages with many moving parts.

An audit will pick up key errors on product pages, category pages and flag technical site issues. Fixing these errors can see quick return in more traffic, improved rankings and ultimately more revenue. Changing templates for product pages and updating image rules has gained thousands of £ in extra revenue with just a few small changes!

Contact me to book your audit today.

Idea Validation & Competitor Analysis

If you’re on the cusp of committing resources to a new business idea or changing your companies direction, fully understanding the opportunity and threats to your business is vital.

I can perform in depth research into keywords and competitors to ensure that you will be able to succeed in your new business venture.

SEO Workshops & Training

If you’re a small business or entrepreneur, it can often be better value for you to invest in yourself rather than outsourcing SEO. I am able to offer group workshops and personal, friendly one to one training sessions to improve your knowledge of SEO, letting you take control of your online presence.

Topics may include: Keyword research, on site optimisation, link building, measuring success, combining PPC and SEO, top online tools (free and paid), user experience and SEO, website architecture and technical SEO and the benefits and risks of managing SEO in-house.

I will train you or your team so that you can take control of your own SEO.


If you’re interested in any of the above, then get in touch today.