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SEO With Adam: Grow Your Business

I interview businesses and hobbyists who want to grow their traffic, giving simple SEO solutions to help them achieve their goals. I talk them through what they can (and should) be doing in under 30 minutes, attempting to unveil the world of SEO in a non-technical way with limited jargon. This does not always work, because buzzwords are addictive.

Episode 1 - Gilly Smith - SEO For Podcasters and Journalists

In this episode I sit down with Gilly Smith, a food writer and podcast producer for Delicious magazine. With hundreds of interviews going back years as audio, she wants to know how she can get more people who are interested in food to discover her website. We talk through some key tactics, how and why content is so important to Google (and people) and whether it's all really worth it in the end.

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Episode 2 - Sofaya at Headblush Glitter Bar - Keyword Research & Squarespace Image SEO

This week I sit down with Sofaya who runs a Glitter Bar in Brighton, but wants to increase the reach of her product range to an international audience. We talk through what keyword research is, why it's so important and how to optimise images in SquareSpace for improved SEO. As always, she leaves with a few tasks to get on with straight away!
Headblush - Glitter Bar Brighton

Episode 3 - Andy at redtangle web development

This episode is a bit tougher! Andy is launching a new one-page website for his agency, and is wondering how to improve his rankings. We discuss the challenges of ranking a single page website, the role of page speed as a ranking factor and whether or not SEO is worth all of the effort in such a competitive and small industry.

RedTangle Web Design

Episode 4 - Emma trinder - m1nd & seo for photographers

In this episode I sit down with Emma Trinder, a photographer who is setting up a new website running mindfulness workshops for Schools. There's a few questions she has surrounding SEO hopefully we manage to find some clarity by the end of it!

As always, we discuss the importance of keyword research, the role infographics play in your seo strategy - as well as the importance of understanding your customer.

Episode 5 - Cat Duval - Yoga Hen Parties

I sit down with Cat from Yoga Hen Parties. With a new website in an emerging industry, we discuss how to raise awareness of your product to people who may not be directly looking for it & cover loads of other SEO tips. We look at keyword research, why you should write content for your audience, not your product / service, and a whole range of on-page optimisations you can make.

At just over an hour long, it's a long episode so settle down with a notepad at the ready!

Episode 6 - John Pritchard - pala eyewear

Optimising a WooCommerce Site can be daunting, but with a bit of keyword research and using Screaming frog - you can achieve a lot. In this episode I sit down with John who runs Pala Eyewear who make ethical sunglasses, and run through a quick site audit and recommended small actions. 

As a small team, it's vital you understand your audience and focus on SEO changes that will have the most impact.