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Understand SEO and Digital Marketing in a friendly environment. Have the knowledge to challenge agencies, hire the right people and win more customers.

Having worked in small businesses for over 8 years, I understand the time challenges you're up against. There's always been a fear around SEO that comes from misunderstanding. I remove that fear so that companies can understand the real opportunities that lie ahead for them.

Frustrated with online resources being focused on big companies with heaps of cash, I'm dedicated to helping smaller companies and individuals use SEO to their advantage and grow.

All of my talks, workshops and events are friendly, approachable and jargon free. We build the basic blocks using simple examples and terminology, before then applying these in real world examples and cases.

SEO is not, and should not be scary!

Workshops start from £60, with free evening events run at the pub every other month. If you would like a workshop or custom training for your team, please contact me to discuss.

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Map out your digital marketing and understand where each channel sits in the sales cycle

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Learn the building blocks of SEO

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Learn the Building Blocks of SEO and use Keywords to find business niches and understand customers

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Friendly SEO: An Intro to getting found on Search

A myth-busting, top level look at SEO and Google. A basic walk through of all things SEO answering common questions and concerns. Ideal for freelancers who are feeling confused, or for teaching internal teams the basics to communicate effectively with agencies and have a solid grounding.

Examples are used at every stage to make sure concepts are crystal clear and “real”. We explore:

  • What is SEO?

  • What does being first really mean?

  • Why should you "do" SEO?

  • What are keywords? Why should you do research?

  • What is Meta Data?

  • What is Image Alt Text

Business Owners - Work with agencies but feeling lost? Unsure what you can do yourself? Understand the basic terms so that you aren't lost in meetings and understand the opportunities to grow

Freelancers - What SEO can you do yourself? When should you outsource? Should you even bother?

Entrepreneurs - Find opportunities and get a basic grasp of where to go to learn more information.


Intro to SEO & Keyword Research - Find Growth & Business Opportunities

This workshop also lays out the basics of SEO, but with a focus on keyword research and how this SEO process can help uncover new business opportunities and help you understand and reach your customers better.

It starts with an SEO focused task, but explores how it will benefit your business in many other ways.

If you’re asking “Where to I start with SEO?” or “I have traffic but no customers“ - this is the workshop for you. You will learn:

  • A list of phrases and keywords that you can start optimising your website & generating content for

  • A set of free tools & strategy to use in your own time

  • Confidence and understanding of what SEO is and why it's so important.

  • A way to identify valuable and realistic SEO goals

  • An understanding of how SEO can help your business grow

  • The process of how to perform keyword research

No matter your background or where you are in your business journey, you will leave with a solid understanding of SEO and how to form a robust business & SEO strategy. The workshop will breakdown SEO into simple, every day language and give you the tools to find opportunity and success.

You will leave with a clear process of how to perform research so that you can go away and regularly perform it for your business.

I have used this process to generate thousands in profit from my own blog, and helped one company pivot their business to focus on an untapped market and become the leader in that industry.

Digital Marketing: Are You Doing Enough?

Understand the basics of digital marketing, the role each channel plays in your sales cycle and leave with a strategy.

This workshop will give you an overview of what digital marketing your business is currently doing, but also could be doing. You will learn:

  • To be comfortable in understanding what each digital marketing channel looks like, and the benefits of it

  • To produce a map of your existing and potential marketing efforts

  • To understand what digital marketing options are available

  • To understand how no channel is “better” - each has its place

The workshop is split into three core sections:

  1. Reality Check - Why plan your digital marketing? We'll look at an example of successful planning for a small company that has a monthly budget of under £1,000, and the amazing impact this strategy has had for them.

  2. The Channels - What is the difference between PPC, SEO and Social Media for your customer? What does each look like for your customer? We will use examples to discover the benefits of each channel, the costs involved and how each channel relates to each other. (PPC, SEO, Email, Affiliates, Influencers, Social Paid, etc)

  3. The Cycle Map - We map out a digital marketing strategy using an example company to demonstrate what they are doing, and what they could be doing depending on their budget. We explore what the purchase cycle looks like from a customer's point of view, and what your marketing would look like from their perspective.

In the end you will leave with an understanding of all the digital marketing options available to you, as well as a marketing canvas or “map” to fill out for your own business and understand what else you could be doing, no matter your budget size!

Bespoke SEO and Digital Marketing Training

If you require SEO or digital marketing training for yourself or your team I am able to create a custom course, combining any of the above elements or exploring something new to your request.

With a range of experience of growing small companies monthly revenue and addressing the challenges that come with it I am able to draw upon a depth of knowledge and package it with my signature friendly teaching style. Courses may include PPC, affiliate marketing, eCommerce website and business management, social media advertising, google analytics, GTM, or more!

My focus is always in presenting these often scary topics in a friendly, easy to follow and understand course that is informative but relaxed.

Please get in touch and we can discuss a bespoke course that is affordable and tailored specifically to your team needs.