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Grow Your eCommerce Business

Shopify is a fantastic eCommerce platform that is quick and easy to manage and quick to set up. However, knowing the right apps, tools and limitations of the platform takes much experimentation and time!

I’ve worked with Shopify for over 4 years now, guiding companies like yours through design, marketing and store management to grow their businesses easily. As an official Shopify Partner, I have access to discounts and tools that can be passed on to you.

Whether you are on your growth path, I’m here to help you.

If you’re just starting out and need help setting up your first Shopify store - get in touch and I can help you avoid common mistakes and get everything place quickly.

Been running a store for ages and growth has stagnated? There’s a huge range of tools, apps and strategies to get things moving, from influencer marketing, advanced user tracking with GTM and more that can be done cheaply and easily.

Free 30 minute sessions are available to get you up and running or fix niggling problems that you just need to talk over. I offer flexible rates and options if you want more of my time.

Hourly or Day Rates and even Revenue Share options have ensured I’ve been fully committed to the success of past clients business. I want to help you, no matter where you are on your success path.

Don’t run on Shopify?

I can still help! Strategies are universal and I’ve worked with WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop before. If you’re looking to migrate I can advise on if it fits your needs, or work with your existing systems to implement growth.



Shopify is a fantastic platform for SEO, with easy to edit image alt, titles and meta descriptions. Make sure you’re ticking the basics and look at ways to implement technical advanced features to get that edge.


Making sure your PPC is aligned with user intents to avoid wasting spend is vital in eCommerce. An audit of your account can highlight hidden features and hints to get more from your limited budgets.


Affiliates and Influencers

Influencer marketing may be the buzzword of the moment, but it’s arguably a development of affiliate marketing. Being able to access huge audiences through third parties can provide huge traffic, trusts and sales increases with low up front costs. Not only that, it can have great SEO benefits too!

Social paid

Knowing your audience unlocks huge potential with your social marketing. Running paid campaigns are a fantastic way to experiment and reach new audiences, or really convert existing ones. Getting social remarketing set up is a powerful eCommerce tool often overlooked but is a cheap and effective strategy for small companies.

If you trust in yourself.... and believe in your dreams.... and follow your star... you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy.
— Terry Pratchett