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User Personas

Discover Your Customers

Who Are Your Customers, Really?

While working with new clients and businesses to form marketing strategies, I realised many small business owners didn’t have a formal idea of their customers. While they knew exactly who they were, communicating this to agency partners or in-house teams was a big frustration.

This simple, three page guide walks you through the benefits and process of creating a user person.

Whether you’re writing PPC adverts, Content marketing for SEO, or simply an email headline - getting the write message across to the right people will help with conversions no matter what you’re selling.

It doesn’t have to be perfect nor accurate. It’s an evolving document that should change as you learn more about your online customers.

Click “File > Make a Copy”

Why Make User Personas?

I’ve found User Personas an engaging, exciting and human way to get your marketing team working together and pulling in one direction thanks to the simple clarity and greater understanding they provide. It’s something every part of your company can be involved with, and makes marketing’s lives a lot easier!

They help with:

  • Writing PPC or Social Media Advert Copy

  • Writing content marketing

  • Planning blog posts throughout the year

  • Where to place print advertising, or how to build facebook audiences

  • Potential brand partnerships

By gaining a deeper understanding of what your users are thinking, doing and who they are interacting with, you can create far more relevant adverts that relate to them more. More segmented advertising is far more effective for this reason.

For example, let's say I’m selling tea bags and do a before and after user persona advert:

  • Before: Our tea bags are made from the highest quality leaves hand picked from the hills of Assam, India. Buy Online Today.

  • After: Need to wake up and get more done without that caffeine crash? Our slow energy release Assam Tea is picked by hand and lovingly blended to give you energy throughout the day.

Before I may have been targeting people who like “tea”, or “assam” tea specifically. This is more of a product-led approach.

After I’ve tried to craft the messaging to be targeting the exact situation, feelings and problem that a customer has.

Creating the user persona let us move to a customer-led approach, and tried to look through their eyes. Of course this could be vastly improved and you’ll need to run multiple messages, ads and refine down until it’s converting well, but hopefully this highlights the importance and benefit of having a fixed user profile.